Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait [and wait... and wait...]

Today was supposed to be my first day at my new traveling position. However... as of 8am today, I still had not received my Wyoming nursing license. Can't do much without that! 

So instead, I checked my email every 30 minutes for my license to arrive, ran some errands, and hung out with my roommate while the cable guy and the maintenance guy came. And finally, at 3pm, my license arrived!!

I headed to the hospital to finish paperwork in the HR department, tour the facility where I'll be working, and meet my coworkers and supervisors. Oh, and take a picture for my ID. Note to self: make yourself look at least a little presentable so you don't look like a doofas on your ID. Woops! Missed that memo.

Tonight I'm getting ready for my first day! I've got to pack my lunch, lay out my clothes, and set my alarm. I haven't done this for almost three weeks!

Wish me luck!

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