Friday, June 8, 2012

A few weeks ago, Mike accepted a job in his old stomping grounds, St. Cloud, Minnesota. So he moved up there to get started. Because he started a mere two weeks after I had been back at Bergan, I decided I should stay in Omaha. Yes, just as soon as I got back to Omaha, he left. How should I take that???

Mike is staying in a rental home owned by one of his high school friend's parents. He had zero furniture, so rather than buying some while mine sat in my mom's basement, we decided to move my furniture up there for him to use. We'd have to move it later in the fall anyway, so why not do it now? 

So we packed up a U-Haul (once again), my grandma packed her toothbrush, and we hit the road. Oh yes, my grandma and I did the moving. Who needs Two Men and a Truck?? After about 8 hours on the road, we arrived in St. Cloud. Mike was still working, so we thought we'd start with the light boxes and wait for him to get home to do the rest. But after about an hour, all that was left in the trailer were the mattress and an armoire. Grams and I had unloaded everything else!

After a burger, the rest of the evening was spent unpacking and rearranging things. By the time we left the following day, Mike had enough furniture to live on, though certainly not a house-ful. The drive home sans UHaul trailer was much easier. Which was a good thing--it was really windy.  We stopped a couple times for snacks and gas (and perhaps a wrong turn), and made it home safely. (Side note: we narrowly missed a fatal crash. If we hadn't taken a wrong turn, we would have likely been a part of that crash, in which four people died. But instead: wrong turn, gravel road detours, and a safe arrival.)

Aside from getting Mike some much-needed furniture, I had a great time. Grams and I did a lot of catching up and spent some quality time together. It's certainly not something I'll forget. Thanks for being my co-pilot, Grams!!

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