Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie Fail

Omaha is a very cool city. Many people say there isn't a lot to do, but you just have to go find things. Lucky for me, I have a friend who is really good at finding those things. She's always sending me emails of things we can do-- I just love it! [I think I need to take her with me everywhere I go.]

The newest activity? Monday Movies at Midtown. Midtown Crossing is this fantastic new-ish area of Omaha that has shopping, dining, living, a gym, and a really great open grassy space. They have Yoga Rocks the Park there in the summers (which I just LOVE), jazz festivals, and all sorts of other fun things. Now they've added a series of movies that they play on a big inflatable screen. (Sports movies, at that! Field of Dreams, Rudy, Might Ducks, etc.) You just bring your blanket, your snacks, and your friends. And the best part:  it's completely free. Even the parking. What fun!
So the first week Kate and I were all over it. We thought it would be super packed for the debut, so we got there an hour early. Turns out we were the first ones there. Woops, guess everyone else wasn't quite so pumped. But alas, we got in some good quality chatting before the quality people-watching even started. 

When we arrived, there was no screen. As time passed, there was still no screen. The movie was scheduled to start at 8pm. At 7:50-- still no screen. We could tell the organizers were getting a little panicked, but the screen finally arrived at 7:55. However, it takes a good 45 minutes to get an inflatable screen set up. Who knew?

At 8:30 Kate and I were starting to wonder when this movie was actually going to start. The screen was coming right along, but there was no projector to be seen. And it was still quite light out (as you can see in the picture: inflated screen but still very light). Believe it or not, it's really hard to see a projected movie outside when it's still light out.

At 8:45 the movie still hadn't started, and Kate and I decided we couldn't stay up til 11 or 11:30pm-- we'd fall asleep right there in the park. (We're old.) So instead, we were super lame-slash-awkward an packed up our goods and left. Of course we were sitting right up front, so I'm sure people thought we were super lame leaving before it even started, but whatever.

So instead of watching a movie from 9:30 to 11:30 at night, we hit up the Varsity sports bar in Dundee, shared some nachos and drank a delicious Nebraska-brewed beer and went to bed at 10pm. AWESOME.

So the verdict is still out as to when they'll actually start the next movie. We decided if it's any later than 9pm we won't be attending -- EXCEPT for the Might Ducks week. We'll be there.

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