Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby W: 37 Weeks

Total weight gain:   44 pounds
Maternity clothes:  Yep, maternity clothes, leggings, and big shirts.
Stretch marks:  None that I can see, but I can't see the bottom half of my belly...
Sleep:  Sleeping ok, but I toss and turn a lot during the night.
Best moment this week:  Mike and I went to the first Penn State home football game of the year. The weather was perfect and we had comfy seats. It was one of the only games I'll probably be able to go to this year, so it was loads of fun! The atmosphere was great, the band was amazing, and let's not forget... they kicked some butt!
Miss anything?:  I'm used to not having all the restricted things by now, but I could still go for a nice jog or a couple beers at a tailgate!
Movement:  I get jabbed by a butt or a heel pretty frequently. It's like the baby is trying to escape by busting out like the alien did in the movie Space Balls [i think that's the movie it was...?]. Gross, right?
Food cravings:  Nothing really intense, but still loving my milk and frozen yogurt. Speaking of frozen yogurt... they make greek fro-yo that is fat-free, lower sugar, and more protein than ice cream. There aren't as many flavors, but it's a win in my book! 
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Nothing.

Aches and pains:  General aches after standing or walking for a while.
Gender prediction:  I have no idea! For some reason I'm getting more girl vibes than I've had previously, but I'm not convinced one way or another.   
Labor signs:  Still having occasional contractions, but nothing too serious. Only one or two painful ones so far, but no more this week. 
Belly button in or out?:  Mostly flat, and as out as it's gonna get.  
Wedding rings on or off?:  The pretty one is still in the box :( so still wearing the cheap-ie. I'm ready to put the real one on already! Although my cheap one is significantly bigger, it gets a little snug most days. Even if I could get the real one on, I'd be afraid it would cut off my circulation and they'd have to cut it off. A little dramatic I know, but NOT happening.
Happy or Moody most of the time?:  Happy   
Most looking forward to:  Family comes this week!!! 

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