Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby W: 38 Weeks

Total weight gain:   48 lbs [up significantly from last week... i think i could use some diuretics]
Maternity clothes:  Yes - maternity clothes and anything big enough in my closet that will cover this bod.
Stretch marks:  Still don't see any, but I haven't asked Mike lately.
Sleep:  Not sleeping as well as I have been; I wake up a lot during the night.
Best moment this week:  My first visitors were here! My dad and Deb just left [sadly], but we had a great, fun-filled week!
Miss anything?:  Not really. Well, maybe stamina and energy. Yes, definitely.
Movement:  About the same as it has been - a butt or heel sliding along once in a while. No more backflips or dance parties.
Food cravings:  No real cravings. If I think about it, I could really go for a lot of things (a donut from the best bakery back home, a Jimmy John's sandwich, a beer with an orange...) but not craving them.
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Nope

Aches and pains:  My feet get achy when they swell at the end of the day. And I still get pulling 'round' ligaments occasionally - that's no fun.
Gender prediction:  No clue! But we'll find out sooooon :)  
Labor signs:  An occasional contraction, but only about one painful one in the last week. The walking, spicy foods, and pineapple just haven't done it yet.
Belly button in or out?:  Mostly flat with one little pooch of out.  
Wedding rings on or off?:  The faker is still on and getting snug, so I don't even dare try putting the real one on. A few more weeks and I'll get to wear it again!
Happy or Moody most of the time?:  Happy   
Most looking forward to:  Meeting this little bambino! And my next visitors in less than two weeks!

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