Thursday, May 1, 2014


Mike didn't have to work at any events on Easter weekend, so we had a fun family weekend. The weather was perfect, so we soaked it all up. We went to an Easter egg hunt at a nearby park on Saturday, and went to church on Sunday followed by a ham dinner and a neighborhood walk.

Ella's first Easter basket!

This grass is the best! 
[seriously, the easter bunny should have just given her grass]

This was the extend of her Easter egg hunt:  roll over to find another egg.

Wearing her bunny ears that Grandma Marie got her last year

Coloring eggs, of course

Goofy faces. Why not.

On Saturday the park just down the trail from our house was having an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter bunny meet-and-greet, so we took a walk down to check it out.

We sat on the hill watching the big kids hunt for eggs. 

Mike & Ella watching the egg hunt

Ella met the Easter Bunny!

We played in the park while all the big kids were getting ready to grab eggs

First time on the slide with Dad!

What a fun Easter. She'll be hunting her own eggs next year!

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