Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ella {31 Weeks}

We have had a fun week around here! As of Friday, we officially have a crawler! Ella started crawling a tiny bit on Friday, and each day since then she has gone even further. She gets so excited to go from place to place, and it's fun to watch her learn.

We've been enjoying the nice weather with walks and park trips.

And watching league baseball games

Saturday we went to a first birthday party, and Ella played with two new friends.

And of course we had to paint our toes so we can wear sandals during this warm weather!

Ella has also learned how to stand up in her crib. I have found her like this during several "nap" times this week. We had to lower her mattress... she is just getting big too quickly!

My first Mother's Day was fantastic -- I couldn't have asked for a better day! Ella and Mike sent me a bouquet of beautiful roses that are now blooming fantastically, we went to church and had brunch, then we [finally] explored the city and topped it all of with a great walk to the park. We had a great day. I am one lucky mama!

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