Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ella {33 Weeks}

Wondering where we've been? Unless you're one of the dedicated few reads this weekly [hello, grandparents!], you probably didn't even realize we're a few days late. 

We had a very fun Memorial Day weekend, and we were too busy out-and-about to be inside blogging. Sorry-- not sorry!

Ella is learning to crawl faster, and of course she's learning to be naughty! She's finding cords and other things we didn't even realize were on her radar. We find something new to put away almost every day. She's pulling herself up on furniture, and now walking along things really well. This week she started standing, holding furniture with just one hand, and pulling herself up on flat surfaces like a wall. She also learned how to sit down from standing. She would get so mad and need help sitting back down, but after a few times falling, she figured out how to sit. It's a little clumsy right now, but she doesn't get mad about standing anymore. She gets more independent all the time!

Here are some pictures from the past week.
She still loves going for walks

Ella always has to be where the action is. She likes helping in the kitchen...

and stealing dish towels.

As she gets bigger, she gets bored of her toys - and she finds new ways to play with them

Boalsburg [a little town connected to State College] is the Home of Memorial Day, so they have a big celebration each year. Their big weekend kicked off with a parade on Saturday.

Ella loved all the action

During the parade, it stared pouring rain. This was shortly after it stopped and the sun came out. Ella stayed dry in her stroller, so she didn't mind!

The pools opened on Memorial Day, so of course we had to go! 

Ella really didn't know what to think, but she did great. I don't think it will be long until she loves it as much as bath time!

It was such a fun long weekend!

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