Monday, May 5, 2014

Ella {30 Weeks}

It's been another fun week around here. We've been recovering from a week of traveling -- resting, laundry, and getting back on schedule. It always takes a few days. 

Lately Ella has been loving:  standing, jumping, rolling, and working on learning how to crawl. And of course talking every minute of the day. She still loves bath time as she always has, and she has a new fascination with the bathtub faucet. If we would let her and she was able, she would stand and play with it all through bath time. Whether it's on or off, she loves it.

She is still working on solid foods. So far she has had carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, and rice cereal. It takes her a little bit to get used to the new flavors, but she likes them all so far! Oh, and those two little chompers are getting bigger [and sharper] day by day!

Ready to watch the Kentucky Derby, fascinator and all!

She loves "helping" with the laundry

She finally got her cape turned around the right way. 
And she found her toy basket... then quickly figured out how to empty it out!

Standing at the ottoman

Now she's rocking on her hands and knees. She'll be crawling in no time!

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