Monday, May 19, 2014

Ella {32 Weeks}

It's hard to count a kid's age in weeks when it hits the 30's. She's not 32 weeks, she's 7 months. [ok, she really is 32 weeks, but it just sounds silly to say.] I was bound and determined to do this through her first birthday, so I'm going to do it. But after that, they will probably become monthly updates plus any special adventures or milestones.


I've had a few questions of what Ella is up to these days, so here's a quick recap:
-she has two teeth on the bottom
-she's eating baby food, and so far likes everything except peas
-she's crawling
-she's pulling herself up on furniture to stand

We have decided that we have a little daredevil on our hands. Ella is trying to climb on everything. She seems to be pretty fearless; it's a miracle she hasn't had a any bruises! She bumps her head on everything, and she even earned her first fat lip this week. We try to protect her from big injuries, but she won't learn to beware of edges and ledges if she doesn't bonk once in a while... right? We're not letting her roll off a couch or anything, but we're letting her explore and learn.

The weather has been fantastic, so we've been taking a walk and playing outside at least once a day. 

Foods have been a fun development. As I said a few weeks ago, Ella has been eating more solids. She has tried several things now, and the only thing she doesn't like so far is peas. We tried a couple times, and she is not a fan! We'll keep trying, but so far she hates them. 

With eating solids at dinner time comes a full night's sleep--and no one is complaining about that! I hate to say it out loud and jinx it, but Ella has been sleeping through the night again for almost two weeks now. Everyone is in a better mood in the morning! She even falls asleep herself at night. We don't have to rock her to sleep; we put her down awake [but sleepy] and she soon is asleep. It's great! Nap time isn't even close to being there, but we're working on it.

Ever since learning to crawl last week, Ella is on the move! She is realizing that she can get where she wants to go, and she's getting much quicker about it. It's so fun to watch, but we're quickly learning what needs to be higher or put away altogether!

Here's to another week of fun. Sending hugs, wherever you are!

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