Monday, May 5, 2014

7 Months Old

It's not a joke, she really is seven months old. Closer to being a year old than to being born. It's nuts. Nuts, I tell you. But she's so much FUN!!

Mike asked me last night if I've been looking for jobs lately [i had been during the never-ending winter]. Not so much... we have too much fun every day! I can't go to work and leave this little girl for a whole 8 or 12 14 hours at a time. We have our parks scoped out and our pool passes ready. And you're asking about work?! [yes, i resumed the search today]

She doesn't have a doctor visit for two more months, but by my unofficial measurement she weights in at a healthy 19.2 pounds.

Now here are a few snapshots for your viewing pleasure.

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